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3-Day Digital Spring Cleaning Workshop

For career musicians and creatives

Meets 1:00PM EST

Monday 4/19

Wednesday 4/21

Friday 4/23

  • Learn some digital organizing tips!

  • Organize your digital life

  • Get clear on your workflows 

  • Figure out your storage needs! 

  • Do it side-by-side with your peers! 


If you’re like me, I LOATHED digital file management. I would MABYE organize my files once per year. And it would always feel like this gargantuan task. Every time l looked for a file, it felt like I was entering into a dirty kitchen with dishes stacked up high in the sink. No more digital file chaos! 


For years, I found it tedious and overwhelming. But then I realized - I never had any formal training on how to organize my files. Especially as a musician and entrepreneur! 


So, I spent this past year really figuring out a system for organization that worked for me, and that was sharable with other career musicians who live similar lives to me.


I’ve decided that this process is SO much more enjoyable when you can do it alongside an accountable and supportive group!  

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